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By W. B. Hugo, J. B. Stenlake

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Fracture of the sex hair may occur, even the energy inherent in Brownian movement may be sufficient, so that only part of the chromosomes enters the recipient cell. However, interrupted conjugation as it is called is not usually fatal and the progeny of the recipient may show in its properties partially expression of the genetic make-up 34 THE BACTERIAL CELL of the donor. As a point of interest the annular chromosome of the Hfr donor fractures at the point where the F factor lies and this is the last factor of the now linear chromosome to pass or attempt to pass through the conjugation tube to the recipient.

The pattern of reproduction of populations of bacterial cells is given in Chapter 2. The non-filamentous or non-branching bacteria divide by simple binary fission, that is one cell divides to give two cells and these two each divide again to give four cells and so on. The generation time, that is the time for one cell to divide to give two cells, is in many species of the order of 20 minutes. The nuclear material replicates itself and the two replicas segregate at opposite sites in the cell and this is followed by the formation of a new cell wall.

J. In Biochemical Society Symposium No. 22. The structure and function of the membranes and surfaces of cells, p. 55. Ed. Bell, D. , and Grant, J. K. Cambridge University Press, 1963 Spore Formation and Germination as a Microbial Reaction to the Environment. Murrel, W. G. In Microbial Reaction to Environment. 11th Symposium, Soc. gen. , p. 100. Ed. Meynell, G. , and Gooder, H. Cambridge University Press, 1961 Microbial and Molecular Genetics. Fincham, J. R. S. English Universities Press Ltd, 1965 Sexuality and Genetics of Bacteria.

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