An Introduction to Ceramic Engineering Design (#G067) by David E. Clark, Diane C. Folz, Thomas D. McGee PDF

By David E. Clark, Diane C. Folz, Thomas D. McGee

ISBN-10: 1417501138

ISBN-13: 9781417501137

ISBN-10: 1574981315

ISBN-13: 9781574981315

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However, the rights of the company are violated if you give their trade secret to another company. Just some of the decision options for our example are: o Do nothing and continue in your current job. o Quit and work for the rival company exactly as they asked. o Negotiate with your current company for a higher salary and better benefits. o Negotiate with the rival company for a more clear job description that would not require you to divulge any proprietary information. An Introduction to Ceramic Engineering Design 4) Construction: In this step, you construct a detailed solution to your problem.

Intellectual Property Chapter Seventeen focused on definitions and discussions of intellectual property issues, and this is one area that most material engineers will find themselves faced with in their futures. It is critical that all engineers gain a basic understanding of intellectual property issues, especially in regards to employment. Many engineering graduates are surprised and unprepared for the lengthy contracts they are presented in their first jobs. Of particular concern, the contracts will state that the company owns any design created by an employee, and should a new engineer wish to quit, the company can stipulate that the employee cannot work for any competitor for a stated period of time.

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An Introduction to Ceramic Engineering Design (#G067) by David E. Clark, Diane C. Folz, Thomas D. McGee

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