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American kinship consist of motherly love and brotherly love and conjugal love and paternal love, and filial feelings of loyalty and respect. " It may be fun but it is not for fun But what then, do all of these varied and different symbols mean? What do they tell people to do? How should they act? What is the paradigm for how kinship or family relations are to be conducted? To , . , what end? 50 The Family The Family Certain specific actions are either required or explicitly prohibited.

Mother s sister s husband s brother and sisters and their husbands and ' 2 W E. Mitchell, "Descent Groups Among the New York City Jews," Jewish Journal of Sociology 3 (1961), 121-28. , 70 A Relative Is a Person A Relative Is a Person early phases of the collection of the genealogy, and only to come to light during later enquiry, often in another connection. Another example is in the categories used to describe the fuzzy, faded area containing distant relatives. " Wakes-and-weddings relatives are easily defined they are, quite expectably, relatives who are only seen at wakes and weddings.

Meanings. ) trate, , , . , 64 A Relative Is a Person A Relative is a Person (1) I: You want like my son-in-law s parents? No, I never see or hear of them. They re not related to me. ' ' A: Do you have to be close to someone to have them related to you? I: Yes. You use the relationship. When it drifts away you are no more related. You see I went to one of my husband s cousin s bridal showers. ' ' A: Are they your cousins? Is I never see them. 6S A: Are their children related to you? I: No, because I never saw them .

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