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Z Manual trimming through trim wheel : z Lateral control from pedals. - amber message on PFD (“USE MAN PITCH TRIM”) z Loss of all flight envelope protections : z Manual trimming through trim wheel : - red message on PFD (“MAN PITCH TRIM ONLY”) - conventional aural stall and overspeed warning. z Automatic reconfiguration after loss of basic control law in either axis. 16 Performance comparison of sidestick/FBW and conventional controls z A300 flying testbed equipped with dual sidestick/FBW system (left side) and control column conventional flight control system (right side).

Z In case of total loss of all main generators, the RAT is automatically extended and drives the emergency generator via a hydraulic motor. The EMER GEN supplies the AC ESS BUS and the DC ESS BUS via the ESS TR. The ECAM WD remains powered, with associated procedures presented. Alternate law is operative through ELAC 1 and SEC 1. 9 4. 2 A319/A320/A321 hydraulic system - general z Three fully independent systems : Green, Yellow, Blue. z Normal operation : - two engine-driven pumps (one each - Green and Yellow systems) - one electric pump (Blue system) z On ground : - Blue and Yellow systems may be pressurized by electric pumps.

1 A319/A320/A321 EFCS advantages The Electrical Flight Control System (EFCS) provides : z Safety improvements (stall / windshear / overstress / overspeed protection) z Economical aspects - weight saving = ∆ W > 200kg considering the impact on AFS A319/A320/A321 plus same weight gain on wing structure due to integration of load alleviation function function (A320 only). 4 A319/A320/A321 flight controls surfaces z Control is achieved through conventional surfaces z All the surfaces are hydraulically actuated z Roll and pitch control is electrical : - elevator ailerons roll spoilers trimmable horizontal stabilizers slats and flaps (single flap surfaces for A320 and A319, double slotted surfaces for A321) - speedbrakes / ground spoilers.

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