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By James Penney

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After Queer Theory makes the provocative declare that queer idea has run its direction, made out of date by way of the elaboration of its personal good judgment inside of capitalism. James Penney argues that faraway from signalling the tip of anti-homophobic feedback, notwithstanding, the top of queer offers the get together to reconsider the relation among sexuality and politics.

Through a serious go back to Marxism and psychoanalysis (Freud and Lacan), Penney insists that how to implant sexuality within the box of political antagonism is sarcastically to desert the exhausted premise of a politicised sexuality.

After Queer Theory argues that it's important to wrest sexuality from the useless finish of identification politics, beginning it as much as a common emancipatory fight past the achieve of capitalism's powers of commodification.

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Bawer argues that if homophobic prejudice is the force that banishes the queer subject from the adults’ table in the first place, then only this same prejudice can account for the desire to stay on the sidelines with the children. The tendency towards self-marginalisation among members of the queer community, in this view, is the result of something like a disavowed internalised homophobia. Citing the supreme post­ structuralist value of difference, Ahmed disagrees. 10 In other words, there is no possibility for Ahmed of simultaneously occupying the adults’ table and resisting the heterosexist norms according to which it functions.

It fails in this way to heed the elementary lesson of a disappearing generation’s ideology critique: I experience the world in the way capital and my ego investments want me to experience it. To the extent that I remain at the affective level, I miss the opportunity not only to discover how my personal reality functions to dissimulate my unconscious libidinal investment in an unjust status quo, but also how the world as it appears compensates for violent antagonisms and conflicts of interest, which it seeks at all costs to obfuscate and repress.

Further, surely it’s unhelpful to link the anti-homophobic project as such to what Puar insists on calling, against all available demographic data, the ‘globally dominant ascendancy of whiteness’ (2). It’s imperative that we create a discursive space on the left where it’s 35 Penney T02732 01 text 35 08/10/2013 08:16 after queer theory possible to decry the bourgeois fetishisation of whiteness in so many non-white social contexts, and at the same critically read hyperbolic and counterstrategically abstract charges of racism such as the one Puar confusedly articulates.

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