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By Marion Bowers, Robert Hale, Heather Wood

ISBN-10: 1780490054

ISBN-13: 9781780490052

"Perversion is taken to intend various things inside psychoanalytic discourse. during this ebook the authors view perversions, now not by way of particular behaviours, yet as one of those blueprint for item kinfolk. whereas perversions could contain a quest for pleasure via intercourse, medications or playing, for instance, the focal point this is at the underlying incapacity--or certainly every now and then refusal--to relate to the opposite as become independent from the self and never as a narcissistic appendage. it's the anxieties aroused through intimacy and relatedness that force the pursuit of ecstasy and pleasure. Psychoanalytic pondering can assist multidisciplinary groups to face again and reply to the addictive mind set in humane and containing ways in which should not collusive. This publication therefore presents wealthy foodstuff for proposal not just for the person practitioner but in addition for these accountable for shaping companies for addicted individuals."
-- Alessandra Lemma, from the Preface

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Criminal history: drug/non-drug related, imprisonment—longest sentence, violent/non-violent. Complications of drug use » Physical: for example, sharing of injecting equipment, sexual risk factors can lead to HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C; liver cirrhosis with alcohol. » Psychological: often difficult to separate cause and effect—needs a very thorough history, if possible with a friend or relative of the person. g. sharing a flat with other drug users, no electricity or gas, not receiving appropriate benefits).

In its most serious form, foetal alcohol syndrome can result in physical abnormalities, deformities of the brain or skull, and damage to the central nervous system. Children with mild forms of FAS have problems of impulsivity, poor coordination, impaired speech, and idiosyncratic social skills (www. org). An increasing number of babies are being born dependent on drugs, and there is a growing body of knowledge as to what are likely to be the long-term effects on development of having to go through a controlled withdrawal programme in the first days of life.

Brief interventions/comments can be very powerful and remembered; junior doctors may not realize how much positive impact they can have even just by asking about an issue such as nicotine addiction. These same themes equal apply to anyone working professionally/ therapeutically with a service user/client. I asked some of our patient group what key messages they would like me to convey to future doctors. They came up with four themes of “Don’t prejudge us”, “Treat people as individuals”, “Don’t trust us”, and “Give us proper pain control”, which have been reiterated by those in recovery.

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