New PDF release: A Young Person's Guide To The Twelve Steps

By Stephen Roos

ISBN-10: 0585150133

ISBN-13: 9780585150130

ISBN-10: 0894868519

ISBN-13: 9780894868511

Brisk, insightful, and compassionate, this ebook appears at all the Twelve Steps from a tender person's point of view. Concrete path is helping getting better children make the stairs part of their lives.

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We believed in drugs and alcohol and, to tell the truth, we were believing less and less in everything else. "I kept telling myself I couldn't be an alcoholic because I never got into trouble with the law. " Our world got smaller. Our range of options got narrower. If we admitted that our lives were unmanageable, we knew, consciously or not, that we would have to do something about our drinking and our using. But we were hooked and we couldn't look at any of that. So the solution was to insistno matter Page 8 whatthat our lives were manageable.

Many people come to the program believing God has guided them even in the worst of times. But many don't see how God could have created a world in which so many unspeakable horrors take place, seemingly on a daily basis. Finally, there are those who just don't see how it matters one way or another if there is a God. No matter what your religious experience, Step Two makes you look at spirituality in a way you never have before. It might seem that Step Two will be a snap for the first group, a major hurdle for the second, and an even call for the third.

Indeed, many of us have come from families that seemed to promote our low self-esteem. Our experience with others, teachers and friends included, only made us feel worse. Drinking and drugging were supposed to relieve us from that, but the more we used, the worse we felt about ourselves. Here in Step Four is our chancefor many of us our very firstto see ourselves in a kinder, sober light. The Fourth Step is not a test. You can't fail it! While we may now come to grips with some character defects as well as some embarrassing and even painful memories, we need to look at the good things too.

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