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By Gregory McNamee, Luis Alberto Urrea

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Now we have regularly enjoyed turtles, and we've usually suspected them of loving us. a global of Turtles, which gathers literary sightings of turtles over repeatedly and plenty of cultures, celebrates the long-standing position of those creatures within the human mind's eye. throughout our heritage we have now attributed significantly anthropomorphic values to turtles—as this anthology will make sure. clever, droll, vivid, cautious, liable, severe, and wise spring to mind, but additionally, one way or the other, noble, steadfast, loving. Turtles are consistent symbols of energy, persistence, persistence, and lengthy lifestyles. but, for us, from youth via maturity, they're perpetual assets of enjoyment as good With writings from Aesop to Melville, and folklore from the Abenaki to the Wagarra, a global of Turtles is an anthology of literary, folkloric, and medical decisions approximately turtles and tortoises, compiled from historical, glossy, and modern assets. It appears to be like at those loved creatures from each attainable human point of view, revealing them (and us) of their many guises.

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Suddenly she thought she heard someone moving behind the big mirria bushes. She listened. All of a sudden out jumped Wayamba from behind a bush and seized Oola, telling her not to make a noise and he would not hurt her, but that he meant to take her off to his camp to be his wife. He would take her three children, too, and look after them. Resistance was useless, for Oola had only her yam stick, while Wayamba had his spears and boondis. Wayamba took the woman and her children to his camp. His tribe, when they saw him bring home a woman of the Oola tribe, asked him if her tribe had given her to him.

Some children of the village accidentally poke Kawaimalino's eye out with a sharpened stick. That night, a ghostly woman missing one eye visits the couple in their dreams and implores them to return the turtle to its home in the Wailuku River. They do so, and the horrifying visitation ends. Page 6 Reflections on a Tortoise Gilbert White Do turtles have an elephant's memory? Evidently so, according to Gilbert White, who observed them closely and recorded his findings in The Natural History of Selborne (1789).

Wayamba the blackfellow they never saw again. But in the water hole wherein he had dived they saw a strange creature, which bore on its back a fixed plate like a boreen. When they went to try and catch the creature it drew in its head and limbs. " And this was the beginning of Wayamba, or turtle, in the creeks. retold by K. Langloh Parker Page 43 The Plowshare Turtles of Madagascar Gerald Durrell Even turtles, the famed zoologist Gerald Durrell suggests, fall in love. The strange protuberance of the shell under the head (which bestows on it the name plowshare) is the animal's fighting gear.

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