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This quantity offers the full transcript of a five-day seminar with Milton Erickson. Her the reader will event Erickson speaking approximately his approach to treatment, demonstrating his strategies, telling one attention-grabbing anecdote after one other - anecdotes which regularly produce emotions of cognitive dissonance and shock, yet finally remove darkness from new methods of seeing sufferers and puzzling over psychotherapy. In his introductory bankruptcy, Jeffrey Zelig demonstrates how Erickson used anecdotes to speak on numerous degrees straight away in a very strong approach. moreover, the appendix presents an in depth dialogue via Erickson and Zelig of 2 introductions within the transcripts, revealing the precision of Erickson's instructing, during which each move each inflection and each organization have value.

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Erickson’s office is too small to accommodate the groups which sometimes consist of as many as 15 people. There are three bookcases in the room. The waiting room is decorated with diplomas, pictures and memorabilia. The students sit in a circle on a couch and on cushioned folding chairs. ” Erickson is wheeled into the waiting room by Mrs. Erickson. Erickson allows a number of students to clip lapel microphones to his jacket. He then holds up a pencil that has an ornamental top. The ornamental top consists of a head with purple fiber hair.

Erickson then indicates to people that they should fill out some data sheets. He requests that they write the following information on a sheet of bond paper: the present date; their name, address, zip code and telephone number; their marital status and number of children; their education and where their degrees were earned; their age and birth date; siblings and their sexes and ages; and whether they were brought up in a rural or urban environment. Erickson waits while people fill out the requested information.

Anecdotes can be used to present directives and suggestions in such a way as to maximize the possibility that they will be accepted. When a patient has a symptom, his/her neurotic defenses are built up. Through use of anecdotes, his/her defenses can be breached indirectly. If a patient is going to follow suggestions, then indirection is not necessary. In general, the amount of indirection necessary is directly proportional to the anticipated resistance. In Erickson’s style of doing hypnotic inductions, he seemed to be more direct with subjects who were more classically responsive.

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