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C. (Xen. Symp. 1, cf. PI. Symp. 195b-c)47 and the control which this force exerts over the whole of nature is a commonplace of classical poetry, cf. E. Hipp. 447-50, 1272-81 (with W. S. Barrett's note on 1277-80), V. Georg. 242-83. In particular we may be reminded of the proem to Book 1 of Lucretius and of a rather later piece of poetry, the 'Orphic' Hymn to Eros (no. 58). 32 THE CONSTITUENT ELEMENTS Aeneadum genetrix, hominum diuumque uoluptas, alma Venus, caeli subter lab entia signa quae mare nauigerum, quae terras frugiferentis concelebras, per te quoniam genus omne animantum concipitur uisitque exortum lumina solis: te, dea, te fugiunt uenti, te nubila caeli aduentumque tuum, tibi suauis daedala tellus summittit flores, tibi rident aequora ponti placatumque nitet diffuso lumine caelum.

3). ; 1TapauxoL uwrpPOVOUUL Ta TWV d'X'Xwv 'YPciif>eLv. e. 76 We may compare Catullus' prayer at the end of his narrative of the miserable fate of Attis: dea, magna dea, Cybebe, dea domina Dindymi procul a mea tuos sit furor omnis, era, domo: alios age incitatos, alios age rabidos. arpvLaKci to Aphrodite (cf. ' d TeK-n1VaC; liv(}ero aoL, nwj>il1. cpt€1rovaa 1r6(}wv. €V17v. 80 = 4 Viansino) ou This poem asks Aphrodite for an easy love-life in return for the poet's 1T6vOL (cf. D&C Proem 3 €~e1TOVflUcilJflV)j only a 41 THE CONSTITUENT ELEMENTS greater knowledge of the Aa¢vuuai than we possess would enable us to discover whether Agathias has here been influenced by Longus' prologue or whether they are independent reflections of a common idea.

JJaTo ravpo1TaTwp, explains v. 3 of that poem as a reference to the goatherd Comatas who was fed by bees (cf. ). Beyond these references, however, ancient scholars knew nothing 25 THE CONSTITUENT ELEMENTS about Comatas, but as it is clear from Idyll 7 that Comatas was a legendary bucolic singer and as scholars knew that Daphnis had been exposed by his mother (~ Theocr. 78-9) and also that in some versions he had been nourished by bees (~ Theocr. 26 In seeking to explain Theocritus' account, the scholia cite from Lycus of Rhegium (FGrH 570 F7) the story of a nameless shepherd or goatherd who was locked by his king into a chest but was saved by the Muses who fed him on honeycombs, and most modern scholars assume that the character in Lycus' story was already known as Comatas before Theocritus; although this is indeed quite likely, it would be rash to assume it to be true, if only because Theocritus is here almost certainly using earlier, now lost, poetry and may be combining his sources in such a way as to produce a quite new /lv8oc;.

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