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Thus, sacrifice, cooked food, and marriage acculturate the precivilized male creatures at Mekone, making them human, that is, civilized men. Before Mekone, there were no oppositions on earth except immortal/mortal. The change is inaugurated by the antithetical nature of Woman, the kalon kakon whose inner Gaia is both soil and dirt. Afterwards, the polarity that characterizes human existence comes into being, a polarity that finds expression in the bee simile and in Hesiod's misogynistic outburst, the first such text in Greek literature: As when, in hives overhung from above, bees feed drones, participants in evil conspiracies, all day until the setting sun, they busy themselves in packing white honeycombs, while the drones, staying within the sheltered nest, scrape into their stomachs the fruits of another's toil, so highthundering Zeus ordained women, conspirators in grievous deeds, to be an evil for mortal men.

The blood seeping into her crevices quickens her vastness and befouls her with a violent substitute for Ouranos' semen. For her deceit, Gaia is punished by being impregnated with the Erinyes who will exact vengeance for Ouranos from her other children. Because Gaia and Ouranos are the primal parents, rivalry between trickery and strength to gain their due is now innate to the universe. Strength alone will not secure Zeus's position as king of the cosmos; he must overcome cunning. Moreover, the birth of Aphrodite from the foamenclosed genitals of her father diminishes Gaia's fullness and disperses the power of Eros.

Unlike his predecessors, he devises a stratagem that harmonizes with the birth process. Ouranos tries to stop that process, while Kronos wants to nullify it. Zeus allows the inevitable, the birth of Athena, but escapes its consequences by appropriating the birth process. Athena, born from his head, represents the subordination of the female to the male in the form of the daughter to the father, while Metis remains hidden and imprisoned within Zeus. Zeus thereby acquires her nature which, from her name, is wiliness and resourcefulness of a kind that upsets the status quo.

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