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By Claire Thompson

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I’m fine, thanks. And I’m here for your pleasure. ” It was a nice bonus that she liked the guy’s voice but this was still business and she would get down to it. “What can you do for me? You can talk to me, Velvet. I just want to hear you talk. I like your voice. It’s like melting butterscotch. ” Rachel was taken aback but secretly pleased. It was rare that the men who used this service said anything more personal than, “Yeah, baby. ” She began her usual storyline. “I’m wearing this cute negligee.

But that wouldn’t be a one-way street, he assured her. If he found a woman like this, he would cherish her. He would love her so completely she would always feel safe and adored. This woman, if he could ever find her, would come to revel in her sensuality. She would know her ability to drive any man wild with her charms. But she would choose to give herself only to him. Rachel felt strange as Richard shared this intimate portrait of his ideal woman. She felt hot and wished suddenly she had a cool drink instead of the tepid herbal tea by her side.

What was this guy’s problem? She began to retort, to defend her “craft”, but he gently interrupted. “Please, forgive me. I meant no offense. I just called the service on a lark, never expecting to hear that gorgeous voice at the other end. You entranced me. ” But it was she who was caught off guard. This had never happened, not in all the months she’d been teasing men on the phone for pay. This man seemed to want something from her. Something other than a verbal blowjob. “Uh, I’m sorry,” she said, her voice registering her confusion.

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