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By Patrick J Carnes Ph.D

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This workbook presents a distinct set of based varieties and routines to assist recuperating humans combine the Twelve Steps into all elements in their lives.

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Care for yourself. In coping with grievous loss, make life as healing as possible for yourself. Surround yourself with comforting basicsfood, bed, the security of an income, friends, or family. If it's not easy to do this, get the help that you need. If your own biological family is not supportive of you, you can adopt persons whom you trust to be a family for you, to give you the nourishing support you need, with the shared understanding that in time, this support will be mutual, even if it can't be for now.

Come near only if you are willing to dye your skin with your own blood and lie with me face down on the ground. Later, we shall move out to join the feast in our common house of healing. Page 45 Scars Grieving is an art like surgery or verse, essentially the art of healing loss or losses unaccounted for. Losses cut the soul in twos and threes a wide green gash like the wound of a tree cut down suddenly. So much more time than expected so slowly heals the severed pieces of the self shock-shattered by guilt and rage and the simple loneliness of something missing, the hug, the casual telephone talk, the good occasional fight lost forever to the harsh nonphysical world of death.

I want to be unafraid and peaceful and know that, after all, I was born here. I need an interpreter in my own skin. Friend, help me to find and keep place here. Be doctor or lover. Hold me, and remind me how. Page 43 Two Houses This is my grieving house. Like the Moon Houses of my mothers. I withdraw here into open space filled with comfortable red light to be apart. It is like crawling inside an egg. It is like being a seed aware of itself rotting in the ground but not understanding the strange new shoots sprouting from its sagging wounds.

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