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By Charles, K J

A primary booklet of the Society of gents sequence, a Regency m/m romance trilogy that includes radical politics, severe waistcoats, kink, conspiracy, type divide, occasional homicide and loads of gin. during this, younger radical Harry Vane is whisked out of poverty to be changed into a gentleman, with the reluctant relief of dandy Julius Norreys. yet issues don’t move totally to plan...

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Your bloody latitat! George mouthed silently and furiously, jabbing a finger at Harry. His lawyer. Or, rather, the lawyer who had come here in search of Harry twice already. Silas had packed him off with barefaced denials on both occasions: nothing good came of lawyers. But now he was back again, looking for Harry, who lurked in the ink-stinking cellar running out treasonous polemics on a hand press. Now inside the shop, the lawyer was speaking with unpleasant authority. “Your denials will not serve, Mr.

Speech was an exercise at which Harry excelled. During childhood, he had picked up the trick of altering his voice to mimic others’ cadence and tenor, and his father had been well-spoken at home, for all the roughness he’d affected in public. It was easy enough to copy Julius’s tone and timbre, and the little clicks of his tongue that indicated slips were already far less frequent. Julius set him rehearsing his family line again. Yet another thing that had to become second nature. “The Marquess of Cirencester and his brother, Lord Richard, are my first cousins twice removed.

No, you’re a Vane. ” Harry snapped back.

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A Fashionable Indulgence by Charles, K J

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