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By Edwin J. Houston

Excerpt from A Dictionary of electric phrases, phrases and words, Vol. 2

Since, whilst both secret's relocating there's a small period of time while the circuit is damaged for incoming currents, the keys are normally made which will shut the second one touch prior to breaking the first.

In order to prevent hectic the stability at the creation of the resistance of the batteries at A or B, on remaining the circuits, an equivalent resistance is additional at r and r', among the again cease and the earth.

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190 and 1. 200. To use the instrument, it is immersed in the liquid of the cell, and then withdrawn. One Arm, Balance of the resist- (See A horizontal beam atArm, Cross tached to a pole for the support of the insulators for telegraph, electric light or 'other electric wires. A telegraphic arm. ) upper Arm, Rocker dynamo opening, the liquid does not escape through the small opening at the brushes of a The An arm on which the or motor are mounted purpose of shifting their position on the commutator.

The Pole- Armature. ) Armature, Ring machine armature, the wound on a ring-shaped that are placed on the stationary plate of the Holtz and other similar electrostatic induction A dynamo-electric coils of which are core. c machines. Armature Pockets. (See Pockets, Arma- ture) An armature Armature, Polarized which possesses a polarity independent of that imparted by the magnet pole near which it is placed. In permanent magnets the armatures are made of soft iron, and therefore, by induction, become of a polarity opposite to that ol the magnet poles that lie nearest them.

Back-Stroke of Lightning. ning, Back- Stroke Recorder. ) F'S- Bain's Printing Solution. ) Balance Arms. (See (See Solution, Arms, Bridge or An Balance, Bi-fllar Suspension instrument similar in construction to Coubalance, but in which the is hung by two separate fibres instead by a single one. (See Balance, Coulomb's Torsion. ) needle of An arrBalance, Centi-AmpSre meter in the form of a balance, whose scale is give direct readings in centi- to graduated is amperes. Ampere balances giving readings in various decimals or multiples of amperes have been devised by Sir William Thomson.

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