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By Claudia Strauss

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"Culture" and "meaning" are principal to anthropology, yet anthropologists don't agree on what they're. Claudia Strauss and Naomi Quinn suggest a brand new thought of cultural which means, person who offers precedence to the best way people's stories are internalized. Drawing on "connectionist" or "neural community" versions in addition to different mental theories, they argue that cultural meanings aren't fastened or constrained to static teams, yet neither are they continuously revised or contested. Their technique is illustrated via unique examine on understandings of marriage and concepts of luck within the usa.

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My 'middle class' accent was jarring. The Gypsies have a category for a middle class lady - a rauni - and they called me one. One Gypsy woman appeared to flatter me: 'You must have had special training to speak like you do. ' Sceptical of such comments I learnt as much as possible to imitate their enunciation. I threw in swear words and adopted their alternative English phrases and vocabulary such as 'trailer' for 'caravan'. ' I made comparable adjustments in clothing: wearing modest longer skirts, loose, high necked sweaters.

Here the rural image restricts the Gypsies to the countryside and woodlands where it is alleged there was both space and convenient invisibility. 36 Modern misrepresentations The alleged absence of urban land is merely a rationale for the stigma of the mobile caravan and modern nomad. There are in fact ample plots of urban land suitable for encampments either in the long or short term, and frequently owned by central and local government (Okely 1976). The problem is not that of available space, but that of permanent and official acceptance of the presence of this minority of caravan dwellers or nomads who comply with neither the work nor the residence patterns of the dominant system.

I could not avoid being seen to occupy a council caravan rent free. The local officer refused any offer of rent lest he be accused of providing for non-Gypsy tenants. There were other suspicions: that I was a journalist, a police collaborator, a foot-loose heiress, a girl friend of the warden, a drug addict and hippy, or someone on the run from the police. I discouraged all these images except the last. The journalist rumour had been inflated by another warden, a classic 'gate keeper' possessive of 'his' Travellers and apparently threatened by 'academics', especially female ones.

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