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And the output is connected to the C not the A of the SCR. ( Just Reverse that ) Now every SCR once it is switched on will stay on until the power going through it is turned of. But we found out you can turn off a SCR without harming it, by shorting out C & A. ) Also the delay switch part # 275-214, is no longer needed. It will be replaced by a special homemade Disk switch device. ( It is the only way to do it. they did not make relays to do what we need to do. ) The disk turns and is powered by a low amp DC motor.

Again as the small DC pulse motor is running it switches on and off a reed switch causing the relay contact arm to move to upper contacts and then to the lower contacts. Now getting back to the relay, It is best to build your own DPDT 275 amp relay. You can make the contacts changeable. The contacts can be made of bolt heads. For best results sand and round off top of bolt heads. You must find very large bolts and nuts to take that much amperage. Once you have it built you can have it working vertical dipped in a oil bath.

The Wheel/disk turns as does the strong permanent magnet, The reed switches do not. Turn wheel using a low power DC high eff. Or Free Energy motor connected to a speed control. SCR CHARGER ON SCR OFF Reed door alarm switches or such. 1 8 Strong Magnet connected to moving disk. 5 SCR CAP BANK pg 12. OFF C A SW 4 2 7 6 3 SCR CAP BANK pg 12. ON Page 32 SCR CHARGER OFF front view #5, 6, 7 and 8 are used in the same 5000 WATT INVERTER Plans Lets take a look at some conventional inverter sold today. This is a 1000 watt modified sine wave inverter, built by the CHEROKEE Company A view of the 1000 watt inverter opened.

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