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By Hans Pokora

The cream of people, Psychedelic, innovative, storage and Beat tune. Over a thousand specialist color photos of the rarest 60's and 70's album covers from all over the world. Over three hundred US teams together with all JUSTICE LP´s and the RAREST ACETATES proven for the 1st time. The rarest releases from AUSTRIA to NEW ZEALAND. vague collectables from TURKEY, GREECE, SOUTH KOREA, MEXICO, COLOMBIA, ITALY, ICELAND, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA and lots more and plenty more.
A kaleidoscopic evaluate of the rarest and costliest collectable albums from around the globe. An integral booklet for all critical creditors of 60's and 70's infrequent files, compiled from the collector Hans Pokora for creditors and curious track enthusiasts. contains exact description of: starting place, Label, price and Rarity.

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