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The final example is also blood red, but torn, pinched, battered, and asymmetrical. The cohort of bowls likewise represents a variety of Ohr’s talents. One undulates along the rim while the body is pinched and dimpled. The shape is fluid and loose, but the mottled red color makes the work resemble a bleeding, mangled limb or something similarly grotesque. Another, bearing a metallic glaze, has a thin ruffled rim that looks sharp enough to slice flesh. The final and perhaps most extravagant of the collection contrasts a round foot with a diamond-shaped mouth.

He begins by declaring that kind words and deeds are never forgotten and for this reason are similar to fire, water, and acid, things that are elemental and difficult to destroy. ” At this point the statement shifts direction and a tone of bitterness slips in. He declares that the world, like this jar, is seemingly full, but is actually empty. Like shadows disappear with the sun, so too will thoughts and actions unless they leave some tangible trace. Clear meanings eventually dissipate into wordplay.

Also included in Ohr’s new studio were multiple windows and doors on the ground level of the structure, perhaps informed by the latest trends in window display and merchandise design. Prior to 1880 department stores did not exist and shoppers relied on smaller or more specialized outlets for their needs. This would all change by the 1890s as cities brimmed with large, multi-floored, multi-windowed buildings, such as John Wannamaker’s franchises in New York and Philadelphia. The appeal of these glass-sheathed edifices and the material desire they implanted were not limited to large northern cities; Wannamaker’s ad, “Wannamaker on Advertising,” appeared in the Biloxi Daily Herald in 1888.

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